Connect with your Mind, Body & Soul.

We are a wellness and recovery centre, dedicated to all thing’s health and wellbeing. We specialise in luxury group yoga, Pilates & reformer Pilates classes suitable for all levels of practice.

Our classes provide a chance for you to refine and strengthen the mind through awareness of the breath and meditation. The practices that we offer will also help you to enhance the physical body through the dynamic practice of yoga and Pilates postures.

Hot Yoga

Our Hot Yoga classes take place in our yoga rooms set to about 30-40 degrees. It is a fantastic way to rejuvenate the body, reduce stress, improve circulation and sweat out any toxins or chemicals that have been built up. We assure you will leave feeling revitalised and refreshed ready to take on any challenges.  

Vinyasa Flow

Unlike a lot of other yoga practices, Vinyasa Flow doesn’t have a fixed system of movements. This practice allows a lot of freedom of movement, which can have a dance like quality, leaving you feeling as though you have had a full body workout. This style of Yoga will help you to improve your flexibility, build strength and increase your self-esteem.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is designed to align and calm your mind, body and soul. During this practice you will hold each posture for 8-10 breaths. This enables you to breathe deeply and slowly allowing your mind to go into a meditative state.

Mind Body Membership & Casual Visit Pricing

Mind body weekly Membership (Includes everything in the mind body studio) | $80

Reformer Pilates


Hot Yoga

New Client Pass | $40 unlimited Yoga & Pilates classes for 7 days.

Yoga casual visit | $35

Pilates casual visit | $35

Mind Body membership | $ 70

*Includes unlimited Pilates & Yoga classes