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Reformer Pilates


Reformer Pilates for everybody

All-inclusive Reformer Pilates studio with dynamic music, your own personal bed and complimentary props to explore what you’re capable of.

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Classes include:

Reformer Pilates - Foundation


Our welcoming coaches provide an ideal starting point by guiding you through the basics of Reformer Pilates. Build your confidence on the Reformer bed and with various exercises to fully embrace the numerous advantages Pilates offers. The Foundations class is ideal for both newcomers and those looking to maintain their Pilates practice

Reformer Pilates - Athletic


Elevate your workout with our NEX LEVEL class, which merges powerful, athletic movements with high energy and intensity. This high-intermediate to advanced session incorporates heavier weights, BARRE exercises, and elements inspired by metcon training, including innovative props like the jump board. Experience our Athletic Reformer Pilates class, designed to work you hard and ignite an endorphin-fueled glow. Delight in dynamic energy peaks and additional challenges provided by props like the Cardio-Tramp, designed to push your body further and awaken your senses

Reformer Pilates - Reformer


Dive into our dynamic Pilates class, designed to invigorate your routine with a blend of fluid movements and energizing exercises. This class focuses on enhancing your strength, flexibility, and balance through a series of innovative and challenging sequences. Expect to use a variety of props to deepen your practice, all while maintaining a focus on core stability and alignment. Perfect for those looking to add a vibrant and challenging dimension to their fitness journey, our dynamic Pilates class promises a refreshing and effective workout experience.

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