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What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment?


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment that involves exposing a person to pure oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure than normal. During HBOT, a patient enters a specially designed chamber called a hyperbaric chamber, where the air pressure is increased to two or three times higher than sea level pressure.

The increased pressure allows the lungs to take in a significantly higher amount of oxygen, which then dissolves into the bloodstream and is delivered to all parts of the body. This increased oxygen delivery can promote various healing processes, enhance tissue oxygenation, and stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.


Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  1. Enhanced oxygen delivery: HBOT exposes patients to higher levels of oxygen under increased pressure, allowing the lungs to absorb a greater amount of oxygen. This oxygen-rich blood is then delivered to tissues throughout the body, promoting healing and supporting various physiological processes.
  2. Improved wound healing: HBOT can accelerate the healing of wounds, particularly chronic or non-healing wounds. By increasing oxygen supply to the affected area, HBOT stimulates tissue repair, promotes the growth of new blood vessels, and aids in combating infection.
  3. Reduced inflammation: HBOT has been found to have anti-inflammatory effects, which can benefit conditions associated with excessive inflammation. By reducing inflammation, HBOT may help alleviate symptoms and support healing in conditions like arthritis, Crohn’s disease, or other inflammatory disorders.
  4. Increased tissue oxygenation: HBOT helps increase tissue oxygenation, even in areas with compromised blood flow or low oxygen levels. This can be particularly valuable in cases where damaged or injured tissues are struggling to receive adequate oxygen supply.
  5. Preservation of damaged tissues: HBOT has been shown to have protective effects on tissues exposed to reduced oxygen levels, such as in cases of stroke or traumatic brain injury. It can help minimize further damage and support the preservation of potentially viable tissue.
  6. Management of radiation injuries: HBOT can mitigate the effects of radiation therapy on healthy tissues. It improves oxygenation, promotes tissue healing, and helps reduce the risk of complications in conditions like radiation-induced cystitis or osteoradionecrosis.
  7. Treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning: HBOT is the standard treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning. It facilitates the elimination of carbon monoxide from the body and aids in the recovery from this potentially life-threatening condition.
  8. Adjunctive therapy for certain neurological conditions: HBOT may be used as an adjunctive treatment for neurological conditions like traumatic brain injury, stroke, or multiple sclerosis. It aims to improve brain oxygenation, reduce inflammation, and support the healing process.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sydney

Injury Recovery

Wounds need oxygen to heal properly. Exposing a wound to 100% oxygen may speed healing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sydney

Boosts Oxygen Rich Cells

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. With repeated scheduled treatments, the temporary extra high oxygen levels encourage normal tissue oxygen levels, even after the therapy is completed.

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Decreases Inflammation

Hyperbaric oxygen reduces inflammation, oxygenates injured muscle, and regenerates skeletal muscle via macrophage and satellite cell activation.

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Increase In Oxygen Levels

The chamber then compresses the oxygen under pressure so that it can increase the oxygen through the body by 35%. The oxygen will flow through the body by the tissues, blood plasma and the lymphatic system.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sydney

Reduces Fatigue

Hyperbaric oxygen decreases the severity of symptoms and increases the quality of chronic fatigue patients. It is suggested that it could be a new treatment modality for the management of chronic fatigue.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sydney

Reduced Oxidative Stress

Hyperbaric oxygen increases the levels of oxygen radicals, which reduces oxidative stress.