Our state of the art gym facilities provide you with the ability to train and work on your fitness when it suits you. Nex Level 24/7 Fitness provides you with all the equipment you could dream of to maximise your training.



Get started on your health and fitness journey through guidance from the best strength and conditioning coaches in the industry. Whether you are an amateur or elite, we have the training performance program to suite you.



The largest Recovery Centre in Australia. With 8 recovery treatment options and a complimentary Mind Body Studio, we are helping you take your recovery to the Nex Level.



Learn more about the Nex Level Fitness community. The Nex Level members are what set us apart from other gyms, and we want you to join our movement!


Experience the Nex Level Fitness Difference

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“I have always thought it would be really hard to lose almost 10kg but with the Nex Level  support crew behind me, it was definitely challenging but really fun and easy to stick to.”

– Catherine Wallace, Nex Level Fitness (Rouse Hill)

“I came to Nex Level to clear my head and it has certainly done that’”

– James, Nex Level Fitness (Rouse Hill)

“I was really needing some accountability and encouragement!!! I loved how I not only had such a supportive coach but a supportive team, always encouraging and giving great tips with food and training!!! I learnt so much about food and fuelling my body!”

– Robyn Graziano, Nex Level Fitness (Dural)