The Nex Level Vision

Nex Level Fitness comes from humble beginnings, started with two brothers who had a passion for  health and well being. It all started in our mothers garage when we were just teenagers both competing in high levels of sports, writing soul taking workouts every night. We wanted to share our love and knowledge with the world.

October 16, 2016 we opened our first world class facility with the vision of providing the community with the best experience and service. A lot has evolved since then. We have multiple locations, and have changed thousands of life’s both in and outside the gym.

Our world renowned Strength & Conditioning classes, world class equipment, design and atmosphere makes us different. But the truth is, it has and always will be the community that makes us special.

The Nex Level Fitness vision is to harness human potential to empower people to live their most meaningful lives. At the forefront of this vision is our goal to create resilient individuals in our community. We view fitness and life in the same manner, and believe that the lessons and strength you gain inside the gym can be applied in the outside world.

The heart of our philosophy of training is to maximise human performance efficiently and effectively. We take our coaching very seriously, and make sure that everything done in our gym is done at a high standard.


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