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Nex Level Programming

Our group fitness programs at Nex Level each consist of a dynamic blend of training styles, offering a more effective, diverse, and scientific approach to your fitness. Developed and delivered by industry experts, our hugely-popular programs focus on enhancing strength, conditioning, mobility, and endurance. Our head strength & conditioning coach has a decade full of knowledge in working with some of Australia’s top junior prospects in the professional sports arena and wanted to share his knowledge with the general population.

Here at Nex Level, you don’t simply join a fitness program; you join a community. A community where your results aren’t the only reward; where support is crucial, sweat is the currency for your hard work, little bit of pain is essential, and enjoying the best version of yourself is only natural.

Nex Strength (STR)

These sessions focus on increasing your MAX strength. Gaining strength and muscle mass are common goals for many gym-goers. Whether it’s increasing squat strength, how much you can bench press, or simply improving total body strength for daily life, compound lifting can be a very effective way to build muscle.

Nex Level Strength training integrates movements that stress multiple muscle groups at one time to maximise potential.


As Many Rounds As Possible  …. Aim to get as many rounds as possible in the specified timeframe. AMRAP workouts are great for tracking your fitness gains and seamlessly progressing your workouts as you get stronger & fitter. AMRAP workouts can help you maximize calorie burn & strength gains in a short amount of time, in one epic workout!


Energy System Development (ESD) sessions are comprised of Interval Work on Ski/Rower/Bike/Running. This works in conjunction with all our other programs. The development of all your energy systems is crucial to help increase your VO2 Max, which will help improve your overall work capacity, enabling you to work harder and stronger, whilst improving your ability to recover from extended periods of training.

Nex Throw Down

Time to burn some calories by combining strength & conditioning pieces together! Perfect session to do with friends or in groups where you push each other to the limit! Our throw down classes are ideal for all fitness levels.

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