What are group strength and conditioning classes?

If you enjoy training with a group of individuals that all support each other and have the same mindset as you, then you will love our Strength and Conditioning classes.

Nex Level Fitness holds 77+ classes per week set out in a timetable that is designed to suit everyone’s availability Monday – Saturday, at both Dural and Rouse Hill.

Our group classes hold no more than 12 people, which allows our trainers to assist all participants and make the class feel more personal. We want to ensure you have achieved your maximum effort during our classes.

Strength & Conditioning

This style of training can benefit both the body and the mind. You will experience an array of positive health effects such as:

  • Enhanced strength and muscle tone
  • Weight management through increased muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Improvements in the performance of everyday tasks

Technique & Mobility

In this class we provide assistance with weight lifting techniques across all compound movements such as the Deadlift, Squats and Press. This is to ensure, during our Strength & Conditioning classes you are confident in completing these movements.Our Mobility class provides various stretching exercises to help with keeping your joints free and to prevent injury whilst carrying out all weight lifting movements.


Above all else, our group classes provide you with a community like no other. The small class environment allows you to work as a team, and seek support from not only your coaches but those around you.


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